For Colorado Government:
Getting Started with Your Department Brand Kit 

Welcome to the brandCOLORADO department activation toolkit!

Outlined below is a 6-step process for accessing, downloading and storing your department’s new brand kit. Answers to many common questions and issue specific instructions can be found on the Brand Kit FAQ page. Additional questions can be directed to

Step 1: Access Your Department Brand Kit

1.1 Use this Getting Started Page
For ease of use it is recommended that you print this “Getting Started Page” page or open it in a separate tab or window.

1.2 Find Your “Department Brand Kit” Page 
In the Quick Links panel to the right, click the “Departments” tab. Find the correct department and click the link to open your Department Brand Kit page. 

1.3 Permissions 
Only the department liaison and a few other individuals have been granted permission to access the Department Brand Kit page. If you do not have access please contact your department liaison to access your department assets.

Step 2: Get Familiar with Your Brand Kit 
Your Department page provides access to all of your department’s brand assets. To learn how to properly use the brand and assets, review the following documents.

2.1 Review Your Department Brand Kit Index 
The Brand Kit Index showcases the library of collateral assets and templates that are available to you as an employee of your department.

2.2 Review the Brand Guidelines 
View the Brand Guidelines for everything you need to know about using the Colorado brand.

Step 3: Download Your Department’s Assets
Your Department Brand Kit page displays all the available assets (templates, instructions and artwork).

3.1 View an Individual Asset 
Select a thumbnail or folder. You will be redirected to the Google Drive where the assets live. From here it is possible to download each asset individually.

3.2 Download all Assets at Once 
Downloading all assets at once is the recommended method. Click the “Access all Assets” links at the top of the “For Employees” and “For Print Vendors” section.
    • Click the blue “Open in Drive” at the top right 
    • At the top, hover over the folder name (“For Employees” or “For Print Vendors”) and click the down arrow, in the dropdown menu and choose “download."
    • A pop up box will appear to convert and download. Click the blue "Download" button.

Step 4: Create Your Department’s Server or Google Drive Folder 
After all assets have been downloaded, carry out steps 4:1-4:4 below.

4.1: Customize Your Letterhead 
Customize the footer of each of your Letterhead MS Word templates with the correct address and information


4:2 View How-to’s 
Read through the “How-to” documents included for most assets.

4.3: Visit the Brand Kit FAQ 
Visit the “Brand Kit FAQ” page to look over information that will help you instruct your department in proper usage of the assets.

4.4 Contact the Printer 
Reach out to IDS to discuss the process for getting business cards, letterhead, envelopes and name badges produced. See the “Brand Kit FAQ” and your Brand Kit index for further instructions.

Step 5: Create Your Department’s Server or Google Drive Folder
The assets downloaded from in the previous step should be considered pristine versions and therefore must be downloaded and relocated in order for customized versions of the templates to be made available department-wide.

To make the assets available to your full department staff:

5.1 Host Your Assets 
Designate a location on your own server or Google Drive to host all the assets for use department-wide.

5.2 Upload Your Assets 
Upload your department assets to the designated Google Drive or department server (with any necessary customization) and grant the desired staff permissions.

5.3 (optional): Create Department Specific Guidelines or FAQs 
Consider creating a set of department specific guidelines or FAQs for implementing the assets that is geared to the needs and uses of your particular department.

5.4 Notify Your Department Employees 
Your department should now have full access to the assets on your server or Google Drive.

Step 6: Ongoing Maintenance
Once you have uploaded your assets and educated your department on the brand guidelines, please begin to use your department assets.

Occasionally, brandCOLORADO may release updated versions to some materials. It is good practice to periodically check your department’s master brand drive for updated content.

Please contact with questions or additional information.