Welcome to the Startup Value Survey!
The rapid development of technology and globalization over the past couple of decades challenges economists to look at different approaches to economic analysis. 

In the Startup Value Survey, we took a unique approach to economic analysis. The State of Colorado has experienced economic growth at a faster pace than the nation as a whole since the Great Recession. We are working to understand what is contributing to Colorado's growth and produce a more complete picture of Colorado's economy today and the economy of tomorrow.

The results of the Startup Value Survey give community members clear information about  the following: 

(a) which elements of a community make the biggest difference to entrepreneurs 

(b) how well Colorado ecosystems are delivering on those elements.

Our plan is to use the power of numbers to show how communities can focus their energy and resources to deliver the best possible value for startups.  Over time, this data can be tracked along with traditional data sources such as employment levels, new firms, and job growth.