About Performance Planning

July 1, 2014
This publication of Department Performance Plans represents a new step in the operational management of Colorado government.  Executive Branch departments, in addition to the Strategic Plans we have crafted for many years, have begun to catalog and measure the individual processes by which we deliver goods and services to our customers.  We call this Customer- and Taxpayer-Focused Performance Management.  

By renewing our focus on the day-to-day operations of Colorado government, we aim to improve the interactions of Government with the people we serve each and every day.  Through a more efficient, effective, and elegant delivery of goods and services, we expect to accomplish three significant goals:
  • We will enhance the experiences of the customers and recipients of the services we provide;
  • We will enrich the the daily work of State employees; and
  • We will move faster toward Colorado Government's larger strategic goals, as established by the Governor and the General Assembly.
While we are excited about this new direction, we must also acknowledge that it is only a first step, and that we have a long way to go.  To that end, we have encouraged State departments to continually improve these plans, rather than simply publish a static plan once every year.  For this reason, you will see regular updates to the operational components of these Department Performance Plans as our agencies dive deeper into the cataloging and measurement of our processes.    

You will also see regular enhancements to these reports as we make better and better use of the new Colorado Operations Resource Engine, or CORE, system.  In addition to financial accounting, the CORE system provides a new tool for State agencies to report on performance goals and track progress toward our objectives.  As with any new tool, we are only beginning to understand the full capabilities that this new system will provide.  

We hope you find that these performance plans provide a valuable window into the operations of Colorado government.