Training Videos

Use the training videos as refreshers for the upcoming "Go Live". 
These contain the content you received in the live webinar. You'll find the full training videos and shorter video clips on specific functions of mail and calendar.

Additional, more specific training videos can now be found here!


Learning To Use Google Mail  

State of Colorado Google Mail Training

Composing A Mail Message


Composing a Mail Message ‎‎

Mail Settings

Mail Settings ‎

Navigating Within Google Mail 

Navigating within Google Mail ‎

Conversation Threads

Conversation Threads

Basic And Advanced Mail Search 

Basic and Advanced Mail Search ‎ ‎

Organizing Messages

Organizing Messages

Message Actions

Message Actions ‎

Direct Link To Message Actions


Understanding And Applying Google Calendar

Understanding and Applying Google Calendar

Calendar Settings

Google Calendar Settings

Creating Events

Creating Events ‎

Navigating Within Google Calendar

Navigating within Google Calendar

Basic and Advanced Calendar Search

Basic and Advanced Calendar Search

Adding Calendars To Your View

Adding Calendars To Your View

Rescheduling Events

Rescheduling Events ‎

Direct Link to Rescheduling Events

Creating and Managing Tasks

Creating and Managing Tasks ‎(TN Version)‎.mp4


Integrated Chat

Integrated Chat ‎

Direct Link to Integrated Chat


Mail and Calendar Delegation and Permissions

State of Colorado Mail/Calendar Delegations and Permissions


Google Apps Administrative Training

Google Apps Administrative Training

Google Groups

Google Groups Training

Direct Link to Google Groups

Message Encryption

Message Encryption