Prepare to Migrate

What You Should Do To Prepare
To prepare for the data migration there are steps you need to take.  Your experience with Google will improve if the data that is migrated into Gmail is clean.  Please:
  • Download email attachments larger than 25MB that you wish to keep to your local computer.  
  • Click here for more information to help you determine which emails contain large attachments
  • Download email attachments in your calendar events to your local computer.  
  • Take action on meeting invitations you have not responded to by accepting or rejecting them.  Please note, meeting invitations you have not responded to will not be migrated to Google so you will need to accept or decline them. 
  • IMPORTANT information about Shared Address books in GroupWise and their migration and managing Contacts in your new Gmail account.

NOTE: MIGRATIONS HAVE BEGUN. Please do not make any changes to your GroupWise folder names or structures. You will have an opportunity to shorten your Folder structures once in Google. This will help to eliminate any issues viewing labels as a result of very long folder names (25+ characters) or many nested folders (3+ levels).

Below is a summary of data that will and will NOT be migrated: