Tips & Tools

Google Tip: Your Signature & The Conversation View (October 2012)

Support Documents & Instructions

Important Information about Your Email and Spam  (December 2012)

Gammo Tool Instructions To Move PST Files   (October 2012)

Reminder: Last Week For Google Open Mic Sessions (October 2012)

Reminder: How To Get Support For Google (October 2012)

Migration of Missing Mail (October 2012)

6 Days To Go: Password Change Is Coming Soon (October 2012)

Google Apps Desktop Icon Installation (September 2012)

Blackberry Instructions (September 2012)

Blackberry Information (August 2012)

Information About Google Message Encryption   (October 2012)

Forwarding Rule Email for OIT 100 and Early Adopters (August 2012)

Update To Groupwise Forwarding Rules (August 2012)

Google Go - Live

4 Days Until Google! (October 2012)

Early Adopters

Congratulations On Your First Week Using Google! (August 2012)

Welcome To Your First Day In Google! (August 2012)

Google Apps Support Structure- How Do I Get Support? (August 2012)

Google Desktop Icon (August 2012)

Training for Executive Assistants (August 2012)

On Site Training for Email & Calendar Delegation Permissions For Executive Assistants (August 2012)

Training Schedule and Registration for Early Adopters (August 2012)

Training Reminder For Early Adopters (August 2012)

Expectations For The Move To Google For Early Adopters (August 2012)

Google Go Live For Early Adopters Is Approaching (August 2012)

Your Transition to Google Is Close! (August 2012)

Three Days Until Google! (August 2012)

Welcome to the Google Early Adopters Team! (August 2012)

OIT 100

Congratulations! You Have Been Selected As An IT Core Participant! (June 2012)

Welcome Your Peers & Link To Prior Communications (August 2012)

Three Days Until Google For The OIT 100! (July 2012)

Important Information For The OIT 100 (July 2012)

Blackberry Sync (August 2012)

Blackberry Sync Reminder (August 2012)

Google Is The Way To Go (August 2012)

News And Tools For The First Three Weeks Into Google (August 2012)

Earlier Communications

Message to State Employees Announcing the Decision (March 2012)

Message to the Colorado General Assembly (March 2012)