Safe Storage & Accessibility

Children may confuse marijuana products for regular food or candy. Keep all marijuana in the child-resistant packaging from the store.

More children under 9 years old have been to the emergency room or hospitalized from possibly getting into marijuana products.1 Help prevent children from accidentally consuming marijuana by storing your marijuana products safely and securely in the home.

How should I store my marijuana?

Avoid use of marijuana around children, in any form, for proper safety. To avoid accidents, all marijuana-containing products should be:
  • Out of sight
  • Out of reach
  • Clearly labeled
  • Stored in a child-resistant container*
  • Kept in a locked cabinet or box
How you store marijuana should change as children get older. Safe storage around young children may not stop older children or teens.

*The Department of Revenue Regulations on Marijuana require all licensed marijuana retailers to use child resistant (for under age 5), not see-through, resealable packaging. Keep your product in its original packaging.

How will I know if a product contains marijuana?

The Department of Revenue requires that all retail marijuana products use this symbol on packaging. Teach your kids not to eat or drink anything with this symbol on the side. Additionally, adults unable to read the ingredient label (i.e. non-English speaking) can use this symbol as a warning that the product contains marijuana. This symbol is not required for medical marijuana product labels.

If a child eats or drinks marijuana by accident, if can make them very sick. They may have problems walking or sitting up, have a hard time breathing or start to be sleepy. If you are unsure or your child is acting differently, call the poison control hotline as soon as possible. Calling is free and you will be helped quickly: 1-800-222-1222. If you are worried or your child’s reaction seems bad, call 911 or go to an emergency room right away.