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Performance & Strategic Outcomes

Budget and Policy Division: Responsibilities include preparing annual budget, analyzing and preparing funding and supplemental spending requests, preparing fiscal notes and responses to legislative requests for information.

Administrative Review Division: Responsible for serving as the state’s independent child welfare out-of home placement case reviewer and quality assurance provider. Reviews every case where a child has been placed out-of-home, every six months. Additionally, reviews in-home cases and a large sampling of intake referral cases, with a focus on factors addressed through the federal child and family services review. Analyzes the results to help place focus on areas of need, including policy review, training and supervision.

Public Assistance (SNAP) Quality Assurance Division: Performs federal mandated case reviews of a randomly selected, statistically valid sampling of food assistance cases, to determine whether eligibility has been accurately determined, and payment has been made accurately. Analyzes the results to help counties focus on areas of need in terms of training and supervision.

Audit Division: Monitors sub-recipients for compliance, completes risk analysis and conducts internal audit functions; serves as liaison with Office of State Auditor; coordinates fraud prevention activities and investigates allegations of fraud.

Office of Appeals: serves as the Executive Director's designee for reviewing appeals and due process reviews involving County Department's adverse actions pursuant to the Colorado Administrative Procedures Act.

Performance Management Division:  Responsible for implementing and sustaining the department’s strategy, which will place a focus on outcomes and data, along with accountability and action plans. Continuous quality improvement efforts will include the use of research into promising practices, use of peer networks, and process improvements practices.