Welcome to Navigating Kinship Care: A Resource Guide for Kinship Caregivers!  

The purpose of this navigation guide is to provide information to Colorado kinship caregivers who raise children and youth when parents are unable or unwilling to care for them. In Colorado, kinship care is defined as, “The full time nurturing and protection of children by kin. Kin are relatives or persons ascribed by the family as having a family-like relationship, or they may be individuals that have a prior significant relationship with the child or youth. These relationships take into account cultural values and continuity of significant relationships.” (Colorado Department of Human Services Staff Manual section 7.304.21).

Colorado is one of several states that is a state supervised and county administered government.  State agencies provide oversight of federal and state mandates, and counties administer the programs, providing local control. Counties vary in how their services are delivered based on the needs of their constituents/residents. For questions about your specific situation, please contact your county department of human/social services.

This Navigation Guide provides local and statewide information about organizations and programs that may be useful for kinship caregivers. 

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