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CDHS Recognizes Custer County for Outstanding Performance

posted Sep 15, 2015, 2:45 PM by Nicole Grabowski - CDHS
From left: Custer County Commissioner Lynn Attebery, Stacey Schoch, Custer County Commissioner Kit Shy, Ron Fischer, Ronda Post, Linda Elliott and Custer County Commissioner Bob Kattnig joinedMelissa Wavelet, Dir. of the CDHS Office of Performance and Strategic Outcomes, Julie Krow, Dep. Exec. Dir. Of CDHS, and Custer County Dir. of Human ServicesLaura Lockhartfor the presentation of their "C-Stat Distinguished Performance" Plaque on Sept. 14 in Westcliffe.
September 15, 2015 (Denver) - The Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) recognized Custer County Human Services yesterday for its performance in delivering high quality health and human services in 2014.

Julie Krow, CDHS Deputy Executive Director of Community Partnerships, delivered a plaque to Custer County Human Services Director Laura Lockhart for "C-Stat Distinguished Performance" in Westcliffe.

C-Stat is the Department’s performance management strategy that tracks more than 100 measures in real time across all programs in an effort to improve outcomes for all Coloradans. Counties are assessed on 21 performance measures for which Custer County was a top performer for the state meeting its goals 79.6 percent of the time in 2014. 

“Custer County has demonstrated that using timely data results in meaningful differences for the community,” Bicha said.

One example of a C-Stat performance measure Custer County met was timely processing of New Adult financial applications. Timely processing of these applications for needy and the disabled ensure that eligible Coloradans in Custer County have needed access to the resources that increase their economic security.

Custer County Human Services outstanding performance is in keeping with the Colorado Department of Human Services’ mission: to design and deliver high quality human and health services that improve the safety, independence, and well-being of the people of Colorado.

Nicole Grabowski - CDHS,
Sep 15, 2015, 2:45 PM