Drakontas and the XPSLTE 2016

DragonForce: Team Collaboration:
DragonForce  empowers members of your organization in the field, in their vehicle or in the office to create and share the information they need for a day-today or tactical operations. Built for public safety, the easy-to-use design enables users to rapidly visualize and share mission-critical information, allowing them to respond more quickly, safely and effectively. DragonForce is a team collaboration app for smartphones, iPads, MDCs and computer browsers that allows teams to: 
                  • Track personnel on maps and floor plans, 
                  • Coordinate tactics on shared whiteboards, 
                  • Capture and distribute images,
                  • Share documents and files
                  • Send text messages securely to individuals and groups
                  • Collect critical information in shared situation reports
                  • Monitor user status and availability
                  • Create after-action reports



DragonForce Surge: Help is on the way

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