1st Minute and XPSLTE 2016

The Problem:

First responders are seeing an increasing number of medical emergencies in their cities involving patients with limited English proficiency. even those who are bilingual may not know medical terms. calling a translator service is costly, slow, and frustrating to first responders. Also, travelers, immigrants, and tourist are at risk of experiencing medical emergencies in foreign countries. Waiting for an interpreter at a pharmacy, ER, or with a paramedic. could be a life or death situation.

The Solution:

The app is shown on a phone or tablet, the patient chooses their language, picks symptoms on a body map, add critical triage details, and then pushes the summary button. This step translates the encounter back to the first responder's language. A cellular network enhances this process but is not required.

1st Minute App:

Early Adopters:


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