Learn About LTE

Learn About LTE


LTE Basic Concepts


LTE Key Concepts: Part 2

What will the LTE Network do?

How is PS LTE different from Commercial LTE?

PS LTE technology is different because:
  • PS LTE operates on special spectrum in 700MHz called Public Safety Broadband Band 14;
  • The nationwide PSBN will be designed for higher reliability and survivability;
  • PS LTE is dedicated for Public Safety use and access to the PS LTE network is highly controlled; and
  • PS LTE will use special priority schemes to support special PS multi-media services and applications, unique to the network. 
What PS LTE will do for Public Safety?
The nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network will deliver new services, capabilities and applications, all of which will help our First Responders and other Public Safety entities become more efficient and effective. These include:
  • Mobility between PS LTE coverage areas
  • Streaming video / surveillance with special controls
  • Instant large file transfers
  • Automatic License Plate Readers
  • Facial Recognition Systems
  • Field fingerprint analysis and processing
  • Field reporting using custom apps
  • GIS / Mapping tools / Location-based services / Geofencing
  • Database queries

LTE Training
Further Education:
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Texas currently offers an eLearning platform for enhancing your knowledge on PS LTE, and the Public Safety Broadband Program. All courses are self paced, free, and can potentially provide CE credit. A Colorado learning module will be available soon, however if you would like to learn more now; please click HERE