Image Courtesy of Matt Hartung, ADCOM 911.  Used with Permission.
Image Courtesy of Matt Hartung, ADCOM 911.  Used with Permission.
Adams County Communications Center, Inc., or ADCOM 911, is one of the first operational Public Safety Broadband Networks (PSBN) in the United States. Funded through a Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) grant, the ADCOM 911 PSBN is a 16 site network which will provide coverage throughout most of the county. Adams County's two-thousand first responders will operate on a dedicated wireless broadband network using 4G LTE technology, with seamless access to the systems that support their daily responses to incidents.  

Additionally, ADCOM 911 is working with Denver International Airport (DIA) and its federal partners to build 4 more LTE sites on DIA property. This is an exciting collaboration between local and federal stakeholders to enhance airport public safety operations.

In November, 2014 Northglenn Police Department (NPD) was connected to the network! NPD is the first agency to begin testing the network using a full vehicle installation including a CalAmp LTE modem. Per ADCOM 911 staff, the network coverage has far exceeded their expectations, and system performance will continue to be tested as the network is adopted county-wide.