FirstNet Colorado Data Submission & Coverage Objectives

  On September 30th, 2015 the state of Colorado submitted a comprehensive set of coverage objectives and a complete response to FirstNet’s data collection request from each state and territory. The submission was developed with support from Signals Analytics, LLC. It includes a large number of files to provide FirstNet with an easy to understand, high-level view of the needs of Colorado’s public safety entities (PSE) and stakeholders plus a large collection of supporting data that can easily be integrated into a national view, along with information for other states and territories.

Note: The coverage objectives maps shown below are what Colorado proposed to FirstNet and do not represent the actual coverage that will be provided. We anticipate Colorado's future public safety broadband coverage will be further negotiated with FirstNet. 

Phase I - Proposed Coverage

Phase III - Proposed Coverage
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FirstNet Data Submission Presentation

Colorado Data Submission to FirstNet (Click links for more info)

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These documents provide an overview of Colorado's submission to FirstNet. If you would like to see the complete set of data that was submitted, or if you have any further questions, please contact FirstNet Colorado by clicking the link below.