FirstNet Colorado 2015 Stakeholder Meetings

As part of the planning effort for the Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network (NPSBN) and the FirstNet consultation process, the FirstNet Colorado team met with ~70 local first responders and stakeholders between August 3 - 6, 2015 to discuss data usage, coverage objectives and programmatic efforts completed to date.  
    The kickoff meetings discussed:
  • Identifying Coverage and Capacity Requirements 
  • Deep Dive Interviews 
  • A Timeline: the Next 12 Months 
  • Preview of Results: Coverage with Existing Sites 
  • Public Policy: Comments on the Draft FirstNet RFP
    The traffic and demand profiles interviews discussed:
  • Current Application and Data Use
  • Potential Uses Restricted by Bandwidth Limitations
  • Future Data Usage Possibilities
  • Long-term coverage objectives

Click the video to watch The Kickoff Meeting

Western Kickoff
Click the video to watch the Stakeholder Interviews
Stakeholder Interviews - West

Click on any of the presentations below to view: 

FNC Program Update
FNC Program Update

Timelines/Deliverables (West)
Timelines/Deliverables Western Slope

Timelines/Deliverables (East)
Timeslines/Deliverables East


Key Concepts
Key Concepts
Preview of Results
Preview of Results
Public Policy - FN Draft RFP
Public Policy
Stakeholder Interview Guide
 Interview Guide