The Education Leadership Council: Making Colorado the State of Education

Mission: Moving Colorado forward with a shared vision of education that gives every student the opportunity and tools for success.

History: The Education Leadership Council was created in 2017 to develop a unified, nonpartisan blueprint for Colorado’s education system. From 2017-2018, the ELC convened thousands of stakeholders across the state to develop a vision outlined in a final report called “The State of Education.” This vision is supported by state and educational leaders around the state.

CO Education Leadership Council

Current Status: The ELC is currently engaged in building awareness of the vision framework and supporting local actions aligned with the plan among four key priority areas:
  • Literacy: Ensure every Colorado child reads by third grade
  • Early Childhood Education: Strengthen birth-through-five education programs
  • High School Transitions: Improve high school to postsecondary or workforce transitions
  • Community Partnerships: Develop and strengthen community partnerships
Through a partnership with the Keystone Policy Center, a Colorado-based nonprofit organization, the ELC is:
  • Promoting awareness through public meetings and media
  • Highlighting and strengthening local successes
  • Marshalling additional local implementation efforts
  • Providing financial incentives for local vision planning

How can you get involved?
Access the resources below and attend the open meetings to learn more about the project. You can also contact Millie Hamner at or (970) 513-5822 with any questions.