Juvenile Standards FAQ's
We collected frequently asked questions as we conducted training across the state on the
 Management of Juveniles who have Committed Sexual Offenses. 
  Question 1: If a provider is listed to work with adults does that automatically make them a listed provider for juvenile clients?
  Answer:    No. Providers must make separate applications to work with juveniles and/or adults.
  Question 2: Who pays for informed supervision once a juvenile who has committed a sexual offense returns home? 
  Answer: The position is not paid. Informed supervisors are parents, caregivers, professional personnel involved in the evaluation, treatment, supervision and management of a juvenile who has committed a sexual offense. Informed supervision also occurs at schools and other locations where the juvenile who has committed a sexual offense might be involved in any activity. It is the responsibility of the multidisciplinary team to identify informed supervisors and educate them to the level needed for effective informed supervision in a specific setting.
  Question 3: If I am a Domestic Violence Management Board listed provider who has already submitted my fingerprints as required by the Domestic Violence Board, do I need to have my fingerprints re-done? 
  Answer: Good news!! No, you do not have to have your fingerprints re-done, you DO need to indicate on your application that you have submitted them in compliance with the Domestic Violence Board's stipulations. 
  Question 4: Are there specific tests that are required in an evaluation?
  Answer: No, there ARE specific areas that must be evaluated as outlined in Standard 2.500. Please see the matrix regarding evaluation procedures.

For questions related to the Juvenile Standards please contact the Juvenile Standards Coordinator at 303-239-4197.

 Adult Standards FAQ's

For questions related to the Adult Standards please contact the Adult Standards Coordinator, at 303-239-4499. 

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