Victims Compensation

If you have been physically or emotionally injured as the result of a crime, or a member of your family has been killed as a result of a crime, you may be eligible for compensation for your financial losses.  Losses directly related to the compensable crime are eligible for reimbursement, and may include:
  • Medical Expenses
  • Mental Health Expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of support to dependents
  • Residential Property Damage to Exterior Windows
  • Locks and Doors
  • Funeral Expenses

State of Colorado Crime Victims Compensation Program

Colorado's Crime Victim Compensation Program was created by state statute (C.R.S. §24-4.1-101) in 1981. Colorado has a decentralized system, which means that crime victim compensation programs exist in each of the state's 22 judicial districts. The judicial district where the crime occurred is responsible for accepting and reviewing victim compensation applications. If you are the victim of a violent crime in Colorado, or if you are a Colorado resident who has been victimized in a state or country that does not have a victim compensation program, you may be eligible to receive crime victim compensation. Applications must be submitted in the district where the crime occurred. Please refer to the information on this website titled: Victim Compensation Administrators, or you can contact this office at 303-239-4493 or 1-888-282-1080 (toll free in-state) to help you locate the correct district to apply for compensation.

Victims may be eligible to receive up to $30,000 for out-of-pocket expenses not covered by insurance or other collateral resources, or up to $2,000 in emergency funds directly related to the crime. Funds to pay crime victim compensation claims do not come from taxpayers. These funds are collected from fines from criminals convicted of felony, misdemeanor, and some traffic offenses. Due to the number of claims and financial constraints, not every program can pay up to the statutory maximum. Again, you must contact the district where the crime occurred to determine eligibility.

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