Victims Rights Act Compliance Program


 The purpose of the Victim Rights Act (VRA) Compliance Program at the Office for Victims Programs is to ensure that victims of VRA crimes are afforded their rights as enumerated in the VRA, including the right to be heard at specific stages in the criminal justice process and to be informed of and present at critical stages in the criminal justice process.

If it is determined that a victim of crime has not been afforded his or her rights under the VRA, efforts are made to change the criminal justice system to prevent future failures to provide a victim with his or her rights. As a result, the goal of the VRA compliance process is ensuring that victims of crime throughout the state are afforded their constitutional and statutory rights through the implementation, in collaboration with criminal justice agencies and/or as a result of a VRA complaint, of necessary systemic changes.

Victims of VRA crimes have the right to be informed about accessing the VRA compliance process when they have concerns that their rights under the VRA have been violated by a criminal justice agency such as law enforcement, a district attorney’s office, probation, the court and corrections.
Victims of VRA crimes can contact the VRA Compliance Program at the Office for Victims Programs and make an informal request for assistance and/or file a formal complaint concerning an alleged violation of their rights.  The VRA Subcommittee, part of the larger Crime Victim Services Advisory Board, makes the determinations as to whether a victim’s rights as enumerated in the VRA have been violated.

For more information about the crimes covered by the Victim Rights Act and the responsibilities of criminal justice agencies, click on the Crime Victims Have Rights link below.

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