Local Victim Assistance and Law Enforcement (Local VALE) Program


In 1984, the General Assembly approved legislation to establish 
the Assistance to Victims of and Witnesses to Crimes and Aid to Law Enforcement Act.

The Act mandates a surcharge on fines imposed for felonies, misdemeanors, juvenile offenses, class 1 and 2 traffic offenses, and certain traffic infractions.  The funds collected are used for grants to agencies that provide services to crime victims within the local judicial district in which the monies are collected.  A five-member board, appointed by the Chief Judge, in each judicial district accepts applications and makes decisions regarding the use of VALE funds in that judicial district.  


There are two areas of priority for local VALE funding.
One priority establishes funding for programs that implement the Victim Rights Act.  
The other priority is funding for victim and witness services including, but not limited to
                  • crisis intervention services
                  • referrals of victims to appropriate community services 
                  • assistance programs for victims & their families
                  • counseling

The Office for Victim Programs publishes a report every year detailing the activities of how these grant funds are expended throughout the state. Please see the Annual Report.

To find out more information about a specific local VALE program, please see the Local VALE Administrators List.

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