About Us

The Office for Victims Programs
is located within the Division of Criminal Justice and is part of the Colorado Department of Public Safety.

We are committed to the physical and emotional recovery of crime victims and 
to the restoration of victims' confidence in the criminal justice system.

Our responsibilities include:

Grant Programs
The Office for Victim Programs (OVP) manages several state and federal grant programs that are designed 
to provide support for services to victims of crime.

Victim Rights Act (VRA) Compliance Program
Do you have questions about your rights as a victim? Victims of VRA crimes can contact the VRA Compliance Program at OVP and make an informal request for assistance and/or file a formal complaint concerning an alleged violation of their rights. Agencies with VRA responsibilities can also view this site for information on implementing the VRA as well as more information about the compliance program.

Victim Compensation
If you have been a victim of a violent crime, you may be eligible for financial compensation for out-of-pocket expenses that are directly related to the crime. Compensation may include medical expenses, mental health expenses, lost wages, loss of support to dependents  and funeral expenses.  Colorado is one of two states that has a decentralized victim compensation program.  As a result, each judicial district has its own independent victim compensation program.  All claims are administered through the local jurisdiction in which the crime occurred.  You can access a list of all of the programs and the contact person for each local program through this site.

Local Victim Assistance and Law Enforcement (Local VALE)
Each judicial district has its own local VALE program which provides funds for victim services programs and law enforcement agencies.  You can access a list of all of the local VALE programs and the contact person for each program through this site.

The Colorado Sexual Assault Response Project
The Colorado Sexual Assault Response Project helps communities develop Sexual Assault Response Teams (SART) and forensic exam programs through training on conducting forensic medical exams.

  Forensic Exams for Sexual Assault Victims
Forensic Exams for Sexual Assault Victims are available for all victims of sexual assault.   OVP provides funds that pay the cost of obtaining a forensic exam when law enforcement is not initially involved in the investigation.


Compensation from Benefits of Crime 
The State of Colorado has statutes which prevent any person who is convicted of a crime from profiting from their crime.  OVP and the Crime Victims Services Advisory Board oversee this process.

If you would like additional information about the Office for Victims Programs please call 303-239-5719 or 1-888-282-1080 (toll free within Colorado) or email cdps_dcj_ovp@state.co.us.