DCJ Admin Guides

The DCJ State and Federal administrative guides for grant programs are resources for agencies receiving funds administered by the Division of Criminal Justice (DCJ) at the Colorado Department of Public Safety. DCJ has developed these guides to assist grantees in understanding and complying with the financial, administrative and reporting requirements for the use of these funds.

Agencies receiving State grant funds must meet certain requirements. The requirements contained in the State Guide are not all-inclusive. For example, the Special Provisions and Certified Assurances incorporated in the grant application and the Special Conditions included in the Model Grant Agreement must also be met by grantees. In addition, other source materials will be referenced in this Guide. In addition, certain portions of the Guide may not apply to all grantees. For example, if no equipment purchases are authorized under the grant, the grantee will not need to reference the section of the Guide regarding equipment procurement. Revisions and additions to the Administrative Guide will be provided whenever necessary. 

Many of the grant programs administered by OAJJA are federal, therefore recipients should also be familiar with federal rules and regulations in the Federal Administrative Guide regarding receipt of federal funds.