Domestic Violence Provider Applications

How to Apply to be Listed on the DVOMB Approved Provider List

Thank you for your interest in applying to the DVOMB Approved Provider List.

  •  Before completing your application be sure to read and understand the Qualifications Section 9.0 of  the Standards.
  •  Please note that all application fees are non-refundable. If any questions please contact Carolina Thomasson at

Frequently-Asked Questions:

  • What if I am a Certified Addictions Counselor but do not have a Bachelor's degree?   view the answer
  • What if I have a criminal history?  view the answer
  • What if I have a Master's degree or higher in a counseling-related field?   view the answer
  • Are there special programs for applicants wishing to work in rural areas?   view the answer
  • What if I want to apply to work with males, females and same-sex offenders? 

Answer: Provisional, Entry and Full Operating Level applications will grant approval to work with Male domestic violence offenders. If you would also like to apply to work with female and/or same-sex offenders, you must also fill out the Special Populations Application, in addition to the Provisional, Entry or Full Operating Level application.


Numbers 2 through 4 are used to request approval primarily based upon a well documented community need which cannot be met by existing providers.  Please call the Standards Coordinator at 303-239-4536 to discuss how our rural programs may apply to you.

  1. Application for Entry Level (see Section 9.01 of the Standards)
  2. Application for Provisional Level (see Section 9.07 of the Standards)
  3. Intent to Apply for Provisional via the Judicial Rural Initiative
  4. Application for Provisional Level via the Judicial Rural Initiative
  5. Application for Full Operating Level (see Section 9.02 of the Standards)
  6. Application for DV Clinical Supervisor Level (see Section 9.03 of the Standards) - This application is for individuals who have been approved and practicing at the Full Operating Level for a minimum of one year.
  7. Specific Offender Population Application (see Section 10.0 of the Standards) This is an additional application to be used either by a DVOMB Approved Provider or an individual applying to be a provider to request approval to treat a specific offender population. Currently we offer appoval for  treating females or same sex partners.
  8. Move Up Application (NEW) - Entry Level to Full Operating Level - If you are an Approved Entry Level Provider and wish to apply for Full Operating Level, use this Application.
  9. Reapplication for Replacement
  10. FOL SOMB Provider Application for FOL DVOMB and Applicant Competency Assessment  - 

    Are you already approved by the Sex Offender Management Board as a Full Operating Level Adult Treatment Provider or Evaluator? If yes, please call the Standards Coordinator at 303-239-4536 for more information about applying to the DVOMB's Approved Provider List.

Assessment of Applicant's Evaluations by DV Clinical Supervisor - Applicants are required to have this filled out for each evaluation they send in.