Office of Community Corrections - Grants

Residential Substance Abuse Treatment for State Prisoners Grant Application (RSAT)

The Residential Substance Abuse Treatment program assists states and units of local government in developing and operating residential substance abuse programs for incarcerated adult and juvenile offenders in facilities operated by state and local correctional agencies.  

RSAT Project
The Colorado RSAT project is designed to work specifically with the state’s statutory requirements for offender assessment, referral and treatment in substance abuse programs.

  1. Address substance abuse issues and develop behavioral, social, and vocational skills.
  2. Provide appropriate intensive residential treatment for inmates.
  3. Utilize 10% of the funding at the local jurisdiction level.
  4. Develop a greater continuum of relapse prevention and aftercare services.


The application period is currently closed.  If you have any questions please contact Mindy Miklos at 303.239.4474.