About the Office of Community Corrections (OCC)

As part of the Division of Criminal Justice in the Colorado Department of Public Safety, OCC is responsible for: 
  • The enforcement of the Community Corrections Standards through regular program audits, 
  • The distribution of state and federal monies to community corrections boards and programs. 
  • Technical assistance through the creation and presentation of specialized training programs for employees of local programs and boards. 
  • The completion of background checks on prospective employees of community corrections programs. 
  • The collection of statistical data and other information about community corrections on behalf of the Colorado legislature and other state entities. 

In addition to OCC, other agencies with oversight responsibilities for community corrections programs include: 
  • The Colorado Department of Corrections, which maintains supervision of its transition offenders in community corrections placements. 
  • The Colorado Judicial Department, which maintains supervision of offenders who are in community corrections as the result of direct sentences or as a condition of probation. 
  • The Division of Behavioral Health (formerly the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division and the Division of Mental Health) of the Colorado Department of Human Services, which oversees the adequacy of clinical services provided to offenders with a history of substance abuse. 
  • Local community corrections boards are also statutorily and contractually required to monitor program compliance with state and local standards. In many cases, staff from community corrections boards conduct additional audits and technical assistance visits to programs to ensure quality programming.