Student Network


Here at COSI the connections and impacts of our organization are important and are a  priority. In order to make sure this is maintained we want to make sure that all of our students are connected and have what they need to be successful. We want students to know what they have signed up for and how they can use all their resources to be successful.

2018 Report

In the last few months COSI has conducted a survey that was sent to grantees to be forwarded to  scholars asking on their opinions and experience with us. With the 212 respondents we gathered some helpful information and suggestions.


  • 61.4% attend a community college

  • 62% are between the ages 17 and 24

  • 152 out of 206 of the respondents either work part or full-time

  • about 70% of them are first-generation students

  • 50% receive $2,000 or less of scholarship funding

Ways to improve (three main themes that were suggested)


Students shared that they would like to have more support from their schools, more connecting with other students, and connecting with professional development.


Students have also spoke out about the need to have extended scholarship funds beyond the first year or two and also the need for greater funding.


In addition to expanding connections students have also showed interest in moe opportunity for tutoring, job preparation, mentorships, general education support, other scholarships, and financial literacy.  

Proposed Ideas

Some ideas that came up in the survey to improve our connections were yearly gatherings, distal platform, and leadership groups. These were all great suggestions to address the concerns and themes of improvement acknowledged  before.

(maybe include a survey on what things that they would like to see or vote on things that they would like to have in the future)

Shelley Banker,
Feb 6, 2019, 2:21 PM