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The 2015 Attainment Gap Roundtable Series brought to light the incredible work of many organizations across our state in ensuring that all of our students have access to higher education. As a group, over 150 leaders from early childhood, K-12, and higher education; nonprofit organizations; foundations; along with legislators and government officials participated in identifying the “leakiest part of the educational pipeline”—the transition from high school into college,--and possible solutions to address that leak. 

The new Collective Impact Initiative Grants (Grants) are intended to encourage communities across Colorado to organize collaboration among multiple sectors – education, non-profits, government, business and philanthropy. Then, build (or strengthen) a collective impact approach to close the attainment gap through the use of one or more of the strategies listed above or other evidence based practices. The five conditions of collective impact are:

  • Common Agenda
  • Shared Measurement Systems
  • Mutually Reinforcing Activities
  • Continuous Communication
  • Backbone Support Infrastructure

In September 2016, the Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative awarded three grantees more than $900,000 in Collective Impact Initiative Grants that provide resources for community groups to work together to reduce the attainment gap. Lumina Foundation joined the Scholarship Initiative in this effort, committing an additional $200,000 for technical assistance. 

The three organizations to receive these grants are:  The American Indian Measurable Success Initiative, Aurora Postsecondary Pipeline and Pueblo Unites for Education to Build Life Opportunities. These three grantees were selected by the Scholarship Initiative board from 26 submissions and 10 finalists reflecting the participation of more than 100 entities throughout the state. The grantees will receive $150,000 each in annual awards for two years.

“Closing the attainment gap is an economic imperative for Colorado, particularly since we know that, by 2020, nearly 75 percent of jobs in Colorado will require postsecondary experience or credential,” said Shelley Banker, Deputy Director, Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative. “Over the past year, the department has held meetings around the topic of closing the attainment gap in Colorado, developed very intentional department-wide goals, and received substantial investments from Lumina Foundation to carry this work forward.” 

Additional Resources to Support All Attainment Gap Efforts
Stay tuned for more information on how the awardees are making progress to close the attainment gap in Colorado. Webpages are being developed to showcase the learnings, results, resources and calendar of events.

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