A resilient community is one in which community members have the information necessary and tools available to make resilient decisions...building state and local capabilities and resources that facilitate holistic pre- and post-disaster recovery planning, effective implementation and community resiliency and sustainability.  
Colorado Resiliency Framework

Different resources are needed during the different phases of a disaster before, during and after. A progressive strategy for managing disaster preparedness and recovery resources ensures that public safety and property security are protected and preserved, both for individuals and for communities.

Preparedness and prevention identifies potential risks and vulnerabilities, along with actions that can be taken before a disaster in order to reduce its impacts.

Response and recovery in a disaster situation must be immediate and effective in order to assist those most impacted by it.

While the effects of a disaster can be unforeseen, unpredictable and swift, the recovery period can be lengthy and create significant strain on individuals, families and communities.

There are many local, state and federal agencies, resources and programs in place to assist in maintaining and regaining a proper and healthy level of functioning before during and following a disaster.