Colorado Resiliency

Resiliency is the ability of communities to rebound and posi
adapt to or thrive amidst changing conditions or challenges — 
including disasters and changes in climate 
and maintain quality 
of life, he
althy growth, economic vi
tality, durable
systems and conservation of resources for present and future generations. 
Colorado Resiliency Working Group

2016 Colorado Public-Private Resiliency Workshop

2016 Colorado Resiliency Framework Annual Plan and Resiliency Strategy Report
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Resiliency Framework

Resiliency Framework Pamphlet

Colorado Resiliency Snapshot 

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National Disaster Resilience Competition

Frequently Asked Questions
National Disaster Resilience Competition FAQ 

Phase 2
National Disaster Resilience Competition Phase 2 Final Application 

Phase 1
National Disaster Resilience Competition Phase 2 Final Application (View