Going Home

After the water recedes, floods can pose a number of ongoing health and safety considerations as you return to your property and your home or business.  Some simple steps can help make the process safe as we assess and begin to rebuild.

Re-entering your flooded home

Important information and guidance for Colorado flood survivors and victims on returning to and re-entering their home after flooding.

>> Safety Checklist - Flooded Home Re-Entry Precautions and Guidance


Important information about the risks of mold, recognizing mold, and preventing mold growth for survivors and victims of the Colorado and other floods.

>> Protect yourself from mold

Evaluating Electrical Equipment

Important information about water damaged electrical equipment including: evaluation, replacement and reconditioning requirements, and hazards and dangers related to electrical distribution equipment, motor control equipment, power equipment, transformers, outlet boxes and fittings, conduit and tubing, AFCIs, GFCIs, wiring devices, surge protective devices, cable trays, lighting fixtures, motors, electronic products, signaling systems, protection systems, communication systems, and industrial controls.

>> Guide for Evaluating Water Damaged Electrical Equipment
>> Checklist for Evaluating Water Damaged Electrical Equipment

Winterizing Your Home

Tips on winterizing your home and preparing yourself and vehicles for freezing temperatures and winter conditions.

>> Winterizing Your Home