Clearing Debris and Sanitation

Managing the huge amounts of trash and debris resulting from the flood requires care, understanding and planning. Below are some helpful tools to get you prepared and to manage the debris removal process around you home and property.

Flood Debris Guidance

Information, guidance, warnings, and how-to on managing, removing, disposing of, and dealing with flood debris for survivors and victims of the Colorado and other floods.

>> Flood Debris Guidance

Is it OK to Flush my Toilet?

During the floods, residents in some communities were directed not to flush their toilets because sewer lines and sewage treatment systems were damaged.  Most of those problems have been fixed. However, if you live in one of the areas listed below, please visit their websites for the latest local information.    

>> Town of Lyons

Sanitary Sewer Backup

Guidance and how-to information on cleaning and clean-up after sanitary sewer back ups in homes and residences for survivors and victims of the recent Colorado floods and other sanitary sewer backups.

>> Cleanup after residential sanitary sewer backup

Septic Systems

Flood recovery and cleanup assistance, information and guidance for homes and businesses using on-site wastewater treatment systems (OWTS), also called septic systems, following the flooding of the system.

>> Flood Recovery for Septic Systems

Do I Need a Dust Mask?

Additional supplementary information about using the right respiratory (breathing) masks for your safety and protection during flood cleanup. 

>> Using the Right Dust Mask for Flood Cleanup

Disease and Floodwater

Important information about disease risks and dangers from flood water and safety precautions to protect yourself and others from disease from flood water. 

>> Infectious Disease and Flood Water