2013 Floods Third Year Anniversary

Join the Colorado Resiliency and Recovery Office, CRRO, in remembering the 2013 flooding from September 10th through the 17th, 2016.

The 2013 flooding devastated communities, but with a resilient mindset and the support of the Colorado Resiliency and Recovery Office and partner State agencies, Coloradans are building a better, stronger tomorrow. CRRO working with Federal, State and local partners, individuals, groups and community members is working to cultivate and empower a culture of a more resilient Colorado and implementing an effective strategy for rebuilding the future focusing in five critical areas - community and economic recovery, natural and cultural resources, housing, infrastructure, and streams and floodplains. The CRRO and partner agencies remain committed to creating results, and helping affected communities recover and thrive. It has been three years since the floods. Much progress progress has been made, but there is still ample work to be done.

Coloradans are invited to help those affected by the 2013 flooding and by volunteering in an area near you or attending events being held in impacted communities. To sign up, simply click on the link associated with each opportunity.

Interested in receiving more information about the Third Year Anniversary?

Please email: gov_crro@state.co.us

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Stories From the Affected Communities