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The Colorado Anti-Trafficking Insider is a monthly newsletter published by the Front Range Anti-Trafficking Coalition (FRAC) and by Division of Criminal Justice (DCJ) staff members, who also staff the Governor's Colorado Human Trafficking Council. The content of this newsletter is not an endorsement nor does it reflect the opinions, views, or affiliations of the Colorado Department of Public Safety, Division of Criminal Justice, the Colorado Human Trafficking Council, or the Front Range Anti-Trafficking Coalition. The content included in the Colorado Anti-Trafficking Insider is intended for informational purposes only

You may view past newsletters of the Colorado Anti-Trafficking Insider by visiting our newsletter archive

The design and content of the newsletter is intended to provide newsletter subscribers with the latest information on human trafficking, efforts to mitigate and prevent human trafficking, and provide perspective on the wider human trafficking movement from across the state and nation. In order to receive the newsletter, please provide use with the information outlined in the form below.