Refugees come to Colorado from many different countries from around the globe and with an array of talents, skills, backgrounds and life experiences.  They share the common aspiration of finding safety, security and opportunities to establish themselves and their families in new communities.

We are pleased to release the Final Report of the Refugee Integration Survey and EvaluationThis is a unique five year longitudinal study of refugee integration in Colorado. It is our hope that the RISE survey will be used by researchers and refugee service professionals to improve understanding and effectiveness of refugee integration through research, policy, and practice.

 Although there are many obstacles and barriers, the study demonstrates that refugees work hard to successfully integrate into their new communities.  We celebrate their resiliency, perseverance and unique skills and talents.  Their success is shared with the many members of the village who support their efforts and help them along the way. We look forward to the many contributions refugees will make to our communities, economy and wellbeing of our nation.

Download the RISE REPORT.

Below you will find links to data and information that we hope will help you gain insight into our refugee community.  Take a moment and view our video, "Colorado Welcomes...It's What We Do" and learn about the many benefits of working with refugees building a new life in your community.  Once you get a better understanding of your new neighbors, click on the Volunteer Opportunities tab to find out how you can support the many efforts underway to help refugees on their integration journey.
Refugee Arrival Data