CDHS Boards and Commissions

Are you interested in serving on a CDHS board or commission?
We invite you to apply!

Please review our list of boards and commissions if you are interested in shaping state government.

On this website, you will find information about all CDHS boards and commissions, including openings on boards, how to apply, upcoming meeting dates, and training for board members. 

CDHS board and commission members help improve the design and delivery of high quality human and health services that improve the safety, independence, and well-being of the people of Colorado. Members provide valuable guidance and perspectives. Serving on a board or commission is one of the most effective ways citizens can have an active voice in government. 

The entire state government engages with over 300 boards and commissions, 20 of which CDHS directly oversees. These boards and commissions that are created by the Governor or General Assembly, have members appointed by the Governor, and report to CDHS, the Governor, and the General Assembly are referred to as “inter-agency boards and commissions.” Additionally, CDHS works with many boards that are usually created by CDHS and who report to CDHS; these groups are referred to as “internal boards and commissions.” 

Governor Hickenlooper and Reggie Bicha, the CDHS Executive Director, are committed to appointing qualified, engaged, and diverse Coloradans to serve on boards and commissions to help make Colorado’s government effective, efficient, and elegant. 

Public Meeting Calendar