Internal Boards and Commissions

Internal boards

Internal boards and commissions are groups usually created by CDHS. They advise CDHS on programs, policies, priorities, and other issues as defined by their respective enabling documents. Internal boards work directly with the CDHS Office or Division to augment services.

To apply, complete the application below for the board in which you are interested. If you have questions, please contact the CDHS Boards and Commissions Liaison, Angela Hodkiewicz, at .

The complete list of internal boards and commissions, with current openings, is below. 

 Internal Board, Commission, Task Force, or Panel Current OpeningsApplication Deadline
 24 Hour Appeal Panel  
 Adoption Intermediary Commission  
 Advisory Committee on Homeless Youth  
 Background Check Task Group  
 Behavioral Health Planning and Advisory Council  
 Center for Improving Value in Health Care  
 Child Fatality Review Team  
 Child and Family Services Review Oversight Committee (HB  1084 Oversight Group)  
 Child Welfare Allocations Committee  
 Child Welfare Executive Leadership Council  
 Children's Justice Act Task Force  
 Collaborative Management Program State Steering Committee  
 Colorado Coalition of Blind and Low Vision Resources  
 Colorado Works Strategic Allocation Committee  
 Continuous Quality Improvement Workgroup  
 County Trails User Group  
 Couples Counseling Subcommittee  
 Differential Response Leadership Team  
 Division of Youth Corrections Provider Council  
 Domestic Violence Program Advisory Committee and Domestic  Violence Program Funding Recommendation Committee  
 Educational Outcomes Steering Committee  
 Grand Junction Regional Center Campus Advisory Group  (SB16-178)     Now accepting applications for all positions. You  must include the supplemental questions in your  application (attach under "other testimonials" in  the application below) Midnight on June 27,  2016
 Increasing Federal Funding Workgroup  
 Institutional Abuse Review Team (IART)  
 Legal Substances Workgroup  
 Licensed Blind Business Operators Committee  
 Licensing Appeals/Waiver Panel  
 Colorado Mental Health Planning and Advisory Council  
 Mental Health Hold Task Force (SB16-169) 
 Performance Management Workgroup  
 Regional Center Task Force  
 Residential Care Collaborative  
 Rural Law Enforcement Methamphetamine Initiative  
 SB190 Task Group  
 Sex Offender Surcharge Committee  
 Substance Exposed Steering Committee  
 Suicide Prevention Commission