Inter-Agency Boards and Commissions

Inter-agency boards and commissions are created by the Colorado General Assembly, the Governor, and/or federal statutes. Members are usually appointed by the Governor and/or General Assembly Leadership. Some boards and commissions require members to be confirmed by the Colorado Senate. There are two types of boards and commissions: type 1 and type 2; see details below. More information about all Governor-appointed boards can be found on the Governor's Boards and Commissions website.

The list of inter-agency boards and commissions, with current openings, is below. 

Type 1 Boards and Commissions
Type 1 inter-agency boards and commissions are administered under the direction and supervision of CDHS and exercise statutory powers, duties, and functions, including rulemaking, independently of the CDHS Executive Director. Please note the Adoption Intermediary Commission is a Type 1 CDHS commission but is internal.

 Interagency Board or Commission Current OpeningsApplication Deadline
 Colorado Developmental Disabilities Council Parents of a child with developmental  disabilities, parents/guardians/family  members of an institutionalized person with  mentally impairing developmental disabilities,  immediate relatives/guardians of an adult  with developmental disabilities,  representatives of maternal and child health,  representatives of person with developmental  disabilities, parents/guardians of a child with  developmental disabilities, parents/guardians  of an immediate relative with developmental  disabilities  May 30, 2016
 Juvenile Parole Board None 
 State Board of Human Services None

Type 2 Boards and Commissions
Type 2 inter-agency boards and commissions advise CDHS regarding the agency's statutory powers, planning, budgeting, personnel, duties, records, programmatic changes, law, etc. as defined by each group's enabling documents. Type 2 boards work closely with CDHS to make recommendations internally as well as to the General Assembly and Governor.

 Interagency Board, Commission, or Task Force Current OpeningsApplication Deadline
 Behavioral Health Transformation Council One Rolling, apply ASAP
 Child Support Commission None
 Children's Trust Fund Board None 
 Colorado Commission on Aging People residing in congressional districts 1,  2, 3, 4, 5, and 7. 
 Colorado Commission on Deaf and Hard of Hearing None
 Colorado Interagency Coordinating Council Persons involved in personnel  preparation/higher education,  representatives from a Head Start agency or  program, parents of an infant or toddler with  disabilities, representatives of a service  provider of early intervention services,  licensed physicians, and representatives of  transition services
 Colorado Traumatic Brain Injury Trust Fund Board Persons with interest and expertise in  traumatic brain injuries
 Digital Images of Child Abuse or Neglect, Task Force on the  Collection and Security of Now accepting applications for all positions 
 Early Childhood Leadership Commission None
 Governor's Commission on Low Income Energy Assistance None
 Licensing of Child Care Facilities Advisory Committee Representatives various types of licensed  facilities, parents with at least one child  attending a licensed facility, representatives  of state and local governmental agencies  with an interest and concern for children
 Mental Health Advisory Board for Service Standards and  Regulations Representatives of children's health care  facilities, representatives of nonprofit health  care facilities, consumers of mental health  services, and many other positions
 Statewide Independent Living Council None  
 State Rehabilitation Council None
 State Veterans Community Living Centers Board of  Commissioners None  
 Tony Grampsas Youth Services Program Board None