Inter-Agency Boards and Commissions

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Inter-agency boards and commissions are created by the Colorado General Assembly, the Governor, and/or federal statutes. Members are usually appointed by the Governor and/or General Assembly Leadership. Some boards and commissions require members to be confirmed by the Colorado Senate. More information about all Governor-appointed boards can be found on the Governor's Boards and Commissions website.

Type 1 Boards and Commissions
Type 1 inter-agency boards and commissions are administered under the direction and supervision of CDHS and exercise statutory powers, duties, and functions, including rulemaking, independently of the CDHS Executive Director
Type 2 inter-agency boards and commissions advise CDHS regarding the agency's statutory powers, planning, budgeting, personnel, duties, records, programmatic changes, law, etc. as defined by each group's enabling documents. Type 2 boards work closely with CDHS to make recommendations internally as well as to the General Assembly and Governor.