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Contract Management

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Jeremy Hill
1575 Sherman Street, 6th floor
Denver, CO  80203
Phone: (303) 866-5620
Fax: (303) 866-5808
Contract Management provides contract development and administrative assistance to all Offices and Divisions within the Department of Human Services. They also provide overall direction and assistance with contract management and contract dispute resolution.
Contract Management assists programs with managing their contracts by having programs focus on the "best practices" of contract management. They provide training on management issues. When problems arise under a contract, Contract Management advises programs of their alternatives and assists the program in reaching a resolution to those disputes.

Contract Wizard
The Contract Wizard is a tool developed by Contract Management to help you easily develop the body of your contracts. The wizard consists of a template that contains all of the required language and legal provisions in a generic format.
Clicking the link below will bring up a read-only version of a Microsoft Word document. You should save the document to your work space under another name, then enter information that pertains to your contract in the spaces provided.
Contract Wizard (You will need to download and save this file)