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Facilities Management

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Brad Membel
4112 S. Knox Court
Denver, CO 80236
The Division of Facilities Management is a customer-driven support organization responsible for providing facilities management services to all CDHS offices and divisions.  These services include the maintenance of building and grounds, custodial, laundry/linen, capital construction (budgeting and contract management), utilities management, vehicle fleet management, building space leasing allocation, and facilities planning services.  This is accomplished through a centralized statewide team that is divided into three districts and a central office.  

The facilities managed by the Division of Facilities Management include 1562 acres of land and 347 buildings comprised of 4 million square feet.  These facilities and the infrastructure supporting them have an estimated replacement value in excess of $800 million.  
DFM is organized with a centralized team managing three operational districts that utilize management and skilled staff at multiple sites statewide, sharing specialized equipment, jointly developing training programs, combining service contracts and establishing budgets based upon short-range and long-range planning.  

The central team includes a Planning and Technical Services group responsible for the planning, budgeting and implementation of the capital construction and controlled maintenance projects.