Child Fatality Review Team

                        Child Fatality, Near Fatality, or Egregious Incident Notification Policy
As outlined in 7.106.13(A) “Within twenty-four (24) hours (excluding weekends and holidays) of a county department becoming aware of an egregious incident of abuse and/or neglect, or near fatality or fatality of any child, which is suspicious for abuse and/or neglect, the county department shall call or email the following known information to the State Department which shall also be documented on the state prescribed form:
        1. Name and age of victim;
        2. The referral identification number generated by the state automated case management system;
        3. Known circumstances around the egregious incident of abuse and/or neglect, near fatality or fatality;
        4. A description of physical injuries or medical condition of the child(ren) at the time of receipt of the information;
        5. The names and ages of surviving or non-injured child(ren) who may be at risk;
        6. A brief description of family/caregiver’s prior involvement with child welfare, if any;
        7. The actions taken by the county department to date and future actions to be taken;
        8. The involvement of other professionals in the case;
        9. Whether the child was in out-of-home placement at the time of the incident; and,
        10. For Fatal incidents, the county shall enter the child’s date of death in the state automated case management system.”
In order to streamline the notification process, the ARD has created one (1) email address and one (1) phone number that county staff shall use for purposes of notifying the State Department when the county becomes aware of an egregious incident of abuse and/or neglect, or near fatality or fatality of a child, which is suspicious for abuse and/or neglect. 
The phone number is: 303-866-7904
It is important to note that for purposes of satisfying the county department’s timely obligation to notify the State Department of an incident that is suspicious for an egregious abuse and/or neglect, or near fatality or fatality of a child, an initial email or phone call is sufficient. The county shall complete and submit the state prescribed form when they have secured the information requested on the form.

State prescribed form is available here.  
Defining Egregious Incidents of Child Maltreatment
In 2012, legislation in Colorado broadened the purview of the Child Fatality Review Team to those incidents caused by child maltreatment that are ‘near fatal’ and ‘egregious.’ Unlike fatal and near fatal incidents, which have relatively objective criteria, incidents of egregious abuse or neglect (egregious incidents) involve more subjectivity when differentiating at the high end of child maltreatment severity. The purpose of this document is to provide more detailed guidance for implementation of the egregious definition.  

Click here to access the most recent version of “Defining Egregious Incidents of Child Maltreatment”. 
Colorado Child Maltreatment Fatality Review Annual Reports
On July 1, 2015, in accordance with the statutory responsibility established through 26-1-139, C.R.S., the Colorado Department of Human Services respectfully submitted the "2014 Child Maltreatment Fatality Report." Through feedback received from stakeholders as the report was used after its release, a number of changes were made to the report to ensure accuracy and clear interpretation of data contained in the report. The Colorado Department of Human Services recognizes the importance of the Child Maltreatment Fatality Report and regrets the need for changes to the report. We are committed to the accuracy of the data in the report, and felt it was important to note the changes.