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CDHS is committed to discovering and addressing fraud, waste and abuse. The Department’s jurisdiction encompasses inappropriate activity by internal employees, contractors and grant recipients, which may include counties as well as private businesses and non-profit entities.

All Department employees are obligated to report suspected financial and time fraud as well as waste or misuse of resources. Private citizens are encouraged to report this as well. Our goal is for taxpayer dollars to be used in an appropriate manner best suited to serve Colorado residents.

If fraud is suspected at the county level, such as in the delivery or misuse of funds for SNAP (food stamps) or TANF (welfare benefits), the best place to report the concern is to the local county fraud investigator.


Please provide as much information as possible, including, but not limited, to the following:

If you need additional assistance please call the confidential, toll free CDHS Fraud Hotline 1-877-934-6361. The fraud referral will either be investigated by the CDHS Audit Division or referred to the appropriate contact for further investigation. If you suspect any other irregularities or behaviors thought to be evidence of fraudulent actions related to the Colorado Department of Human Services report immediately to the confidential, toll free CDHS Fraud Hotline.

Report Fraud by E-mail:  Colette.Kreger@state.co.us (Please type "Fraud Referral” in the subject line of the e-mail)

Report Fraud by Fax:      (303) 866 7332

Report Fraud by Mail:      CDHS Audit Division, 4126 S Knox Ct. Denver, Colorado 80236

Report Fraud by Phone:   1-877-934-6361

The Audit Division can also provide resources, training, and fraud education to CDHS management and to agencies that receive funds through CDHS that are interested in learning more about fraud prevention, detection, and deterrence. Please contact Colette Kreger at Colette.Kreger@state.co.us for further information.

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