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McQuown Scholars

McQuown Scholars at Yerkes Observatory

McQuown Scholars begin by completing a portfolio of experiences which introduces the activities, culture, and operations of
Stone Edge and Yerkes Observatories. They are then invited to spend an extended period of time in pursuit of their own projects and goals. While part of the program, McQuown Scholars will have many opportunities to collaborate with peers and professionals in all areas of observatory operations.

Participants in this self­-paced program may proceed as quickly or as slowly as they choose, depending upon their own interests and personal goals. The McQuown Scholars Program is a free program for participants; while they do not invest monetarily, they will invest their time and skills to earn proficiency awards. Students in the McQuown Scholars Program can earn three proficiency titles: McQuown Scholar, McQuown Scholar Guide, and McQuown Scholar Guide with Honors.

The McQuown Scholars program allows students to get a taste of many aspects of observatory work, while working toward earning the McQuown Scholar award.

Experiences (to name a few):

   Learn to program computers, assemble electronics, or use a 3-D printer.  Explore Tech Projects    

    Another opportunity available at Yerkes is getting involved with finding and tracking asteroids, with Asteroid Research

   One thing that everyone at Yerkes enjoys is observing!  You can learn to use the telescopes with Observing/Imaging.  But Yerkes' aren't the only telescopes we can observe with;  we also have access to the Skynet system and the Stone-edge telescope, both of which you can learn to use. 

    Yerkes has a lot of old photographic plates: glass images of celestial objects.  With Plate-Vault Research, you can use these old plates to research stars!  You could even publish a scientific paper!