8th Grade Language Arts

Class Description:  Throughout this class, you will engage in a variety of writing, listening, and speaking activities.  Additonally, you will not only learn specific grammar rules, but you will integrate them within your writing and speaking.  Some of those projects include:  writing a personal narrative and book review, researching a specific topic and presenting that information through a variety of genres, and presenting persuasive and demonstration speeches. 


Units and Topics Covered

  • First Semester
    •  Unit One:  Personal Narrative
      • Focus:  During this unit, you will share an important event from your life.  You will analyze several examples for their purpose and written quality.  After examining the samples, you will go through writing process to create your own personal narrative that you will share with the class.
      • Grammar Focus:  Sentence vs. sentence fragments and parts of speech
    • Unit Two:  Writing About Literature
      • Focus:  During this unit, you will write a book review focusing on writing about characters, plot, setting and theme. 
      • Grammar Focus:  Subordinate and independent clauses, sentence structure, and subject-verb agreement
  •  Second Semester
    • Unit Three:  Multi-genre and Research
      • Focus:  During this unit, you will be writing a research paper on your choice of topic.  You will specifically use research skills (gathering sources, determining credibility, summarizing, and writing in APA format).  Additionally, you will use the information from your research to write many different genres (i.e. letters, diary entries, poems, and fiction stories)
      • Grammar Focus:  Verb tense, use of pronouns, and correct use of modifers
    • Unit Four:  Persuasive and Demonstration Speeches
      • Focus:  During this unit, you will focus on presenting two speeches--persuasive and demonstration.  In the persuasive speech, you focus on techniques to convince your audience to change their minds.  In the demonstration speech, you show your audience how to do a specific task.  
      • Grammar Focus:  Presenting skills


**Note:  The above units are only tentative plans and can/will be changed at the discretion of your teacher. 


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