7th Grade Reading

Class Description:  Throughout this class, you will have a variety of reading and writing activities that are structured to help you improve and enjoy reading and writing.  This class will mainly focus on exploring different types of texts:  novels, plays, short stories, poetry, and nonfiction texts.  Additionally, you will be asked to evaluate, analyze, and reflect on things you have read. 


Units and Topics Covered

  •  First Semester
    • Unit One:  Short Stories
      • Focus:  Elements of a story (including: setting character, plot, and theme), genre study, and fiction vs. nonfiction
      • Read:  "The Ransom of Chief Red", "A Tell-Tale Heart", "Luke Baldwin's Vow", "All Summer in a Day", and selections from An American Childhood
    • Unit Two:  A Christmas Carol
      •  Focus:  Protagonist, antagonist, theme, sequence of events, comparison between movie and play
      • Read:  the play version A Christmas Carol and watch the movie
  •  Second Semester
    • Unit Three:  The Pearl
      • Focus:  Characterization, theme, and the development of plot
      •  Read:  The Pearl by John Steinbeck
    •  Unit Four:  Literature Circle
      • Focus:  Students will have the opportunity to learn collaboratively, relate what they read to their personal experiences, practice summarizing, select important quotes, and generate questions for discussion. 
      • Read:  Students choice from a wide selection of novels

Independent novel: Throughout the course of the school year, students will self-select books based on their own interests and ability levels.  Students will keep a reading log charting the dates and pages read in addition to answering questions about setting, characters, and plot.

**Note:  The above units are only tentative plans and can/will be changed at the discretion of your teacher. 



The Pearl Review Chapters One and Two:  http://www.superteachertools.com/jeopardy/usergames/Jan201304/game1358813667.php

The Pearl Review Chapter Three and Four:  


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