Star Art Room

Starmont Elementary School offers Kindergarten through sixth grade Visual Art Education. All students have the opportunity to display their creativity, individuality, and  skills involved in producing a piece of art. Kindergarten through sixth-grade students study the art of creating, connecting, presenting and responding to their art and other works of art. Through this curriculum, the focus is on the process of using the elements in artwork and critical thinking skills to problem solve--as well as the use of different tools, materials and mediums in creating artwork (e.g. drawing, coloring, painting, clay, sculpture, mixed media, collage, and technology). Art history, the study of famous artists and the importance of these historical figures and their works, asks students to think about the relevance of art in their own lives, cultures, and communities. Finally, students critique their own work, and others, to develop an understanding of what it means to create quality art.

  • The Next Generation Standards have been adopted nationally. I will be weaving those standards into my classroom through creating, connecting, presenting and responding. National Visual Art Standards
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