Mr. Charlie Gruman            
                    7-12 Math Instructor
                    7-12 Head Cross Country Coach    Link:  Starmont Cross Country 
                    7-8  JH Girls Track Coach
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                   e-mail:    cgruman@starmont.k12.ia.us
                   School Phone:  563 933-2218

Math Department Grading Policy

Your grade will be calculated by weighted averages, not by total points.  

High School Grades                    Middle School Grades
Assessments:  60%                    Assessments:  55%
Progress Checks  15%               Progress Checks:  15%
Practice:  10%                                Practice:  30%
Semester Test:  15%

Assessments: All chapter tests or projects will be recorded out of 100 possible points. Mastery of the material is the goal, so if you earn below 60% on a chapter test you will be required to retake an assessment. All students will be given the opportunity to retake any test. All retakes will need to be taken within ten student days of the class taking the initial test.  Retakes will occur on your time!  This may be before/after school or during a study hall.  Before you may retake a test you must complete extra practice as assigned by the instructor and have a conference with the instructor to demonstrate you are prepared. The retake test score will replace the original score.

Progress Checks: Most days there will be progress checks. A progress check is similar to a small quiz. It will be over small amounts of material. It is your responsibility to independently complete this activity.

Practice:  Practice may be in the form of in class activities or activities completed outside of class. Practice will be evaluated using these methods:

Ungraded assignments: Some assignments will not be graded; they are to your benefit to complete.

Graded assignments:  Points will be given for how well chosen assignments are completed.  Point values will vary depending on the size of the assignment.

Practice feedback: You will provide feedback through a google form about the practice you complete. This feedback will be used to guide instruction.

Semester Exam: There will be a term test at the end of each semester for high school classes that will be 15% of you semester grade.

Grading Scale:

                  100%     A+                               93  -  100% A                92  -  90%   A-

            87  -    89%     B +                             86  -    83% B                 82  -  80%   B-

            77  -    79%     C +                             76  -    73% C                 72  -  70%   C-

                67  -    69% D +                             66  -    63% D                 62  -  60%   D-


Make-up Work: If you are absent it is your responsibility to get the work you missed and complete it in a timely manner

Special Help:  If you have questions about your math assignment or grade, stop in my room to make arrangements to come in before or after school.
Helpful Links:    

  - Online Calculator - graphing, scientific, matrix, and statistics
Math Manipulatives and Activities Site - National Library of Virtual Manipulations for Interactive Mathematics

Math Matters - A math prep website launched by the University of Iowa for high school students  {This would be helpful for all of those planning to enter any 4-year colleges}

SOS Math - for students needing help with homework, test preparation, or just a refresher

RegentsPrep - a guide for the New York State graduation requirements, including tutorial information for Algebra 1

Cut the Knot - includes more than 250 different math related activities

Go Math - includes interactive math simulations with mini-lesson and worksheets included

Algebra Help - includes lessons, worksheets, and online calculators

Explore Learning Gizmos - interactive math simulations

Purplemath - includes a wide variety of lessons on Algebra topics

Shodor Math Activities - good for group or individual exploration, including algebra and functions

CoolMath Activities Site - includes a wide variety of math activities. Click here for the games portion.

The Wright Challenge - an Iowa mathematics contest sponsored by the University of Northern Iowa Mathematics Department. High school students can earn prizes at the end of the semester by answering these weekly challenges. Try it! Work alone or as a team.

 National Council of Teachers of Mathematic (NCTM) - This site includes valuable resources for teachers, students, and parents.

Math Playground:  Various lessons, activities, and problems for algebra, pre-algebra, and general math. 

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