StarWISE Pastoral Wellbeing program

StarWISE is a pastoral wellbeing program that is delivered by mentors across Years 7-9 at Star of the Sea College. Students participate in the StarWISE program during scheduled mentor times. StarWISE is embedded in a positive education framework that focuses on identifying, and building on student's strengthens, increasing resilience, and improving overall wellbeing. The acronym Star-WISE stands for: Wisdom, Inspiration, Strengths, and Engagement.    

The program has drawn upon theories from prominent researchers such as Carol Dweck - growth mindsets performance psychology, Martin Seligman - positive psychology, David Hassed - mindfulness, Dr Helen McGrath - building resilience, Dr Toni Nobel - bounce back program, and the Victorian State Governments Respectful Relationships Education Program. StarWISE also places an emphasis on teachers and students using the Smiling Mind program during homeroom to build students capacity to use meditation skills.  

Program Content: 

Year 7: Relationships and Values. An emphasis will be placed on teaching students about healthy relationships, social skills, how to manage conflict, and increase students capacity to be kind and compassionate towards one another by drawing on their core values.

Year 8: Feelings - exploring optimism, empathy, gratitude, self talk, and conflict management skills.  

Year 9: Thinking skills - exploring perception, problem solving, and challenging unhelpful thinking styles. Respectful relationships education - understanding gender, diversity, healthy vs unhealthy relationships, and understanding the law.