Counselling Services

Star of the Sea College has two, fully qualified school counsellors available to students on site. Counselllors provide support to students for a range of issues including academic, social, emotional, health, and family-based issues. School counsellors maintain close contact with the School Principal, Deputy Principal: Students, Pastoral Leaders, Learning Diversity Coordinator and Mentor teachers to ensure the best quality of care is provided to the student.   

Short and medium term counselling may be offered during the student's enrollment depending on the nature of the counselling issue.  The length and type of counselling that is offered to a student will be based upon the Counsellor's discretion, case load and overall demands on the counselling team.    

Counsellors can provide support to students through individual / or group-based counselling. Consultation and support is provided to parents and teachers when necessary. 

Referral Process 

Students can self-refer directly to the Counsellors via emailing either or Alternatively, students can fill out a referral form that is available in the Counselling Services area. Parents can also refer students for support by contacting the schools office and requesting to be put through to counselling services. Student participation in counselling is voluntary. Students have the right to be treated with dignity and respect, to receive care that is non-discriminatory and non-judgmental, and to have their confidentiality maintained and protected within the limits of our profession. Counsellors may breach a student's confidentiality where there is a risk of harm to the student or due to legal obligations.       

External referrals may be suggested by the Counsellor depending on the needs of the student. Information about services in the local area can be found by clicking on the External Support tab. Note: Counsellors are available Monday - Friday from 8.15am - 4pm during the school term.