About Us

As a buyer and collector of post-industrial plastic and metal waste, Starmax has built a network of loyal customers who consistently   choose us for their recycling needs in the past 15 years. We believe in partnering with our customers when they enjoy an added revenue stream while also doing their part to benefit the environment.

If your need recycling, Starmax can help! We help our customers by listening to their needs. We can also make recommendations that will  

improve your recycling challenge. We believe in eliminating materials from dumpsters. We have been very successful in helping companies 

remove materials from dumpsters that are scheduled for landfills. Call us today: 909-591-6510

Connect our post-industrial recycling efforts with businesses around the globe.



Help increase local manufacturer productivity through recycle,reuse,reduce mantra.


Spreading the word of our efforts through our monthly local community recycling programs and events.